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Launch Baby Launch

Reach more soulful clients with an upgraded launch experience

A full blown hands-on launch service for the online female enterpreneur who is in love with her offer and wants to give it the up-level launch it’s been waiting for.

You're ready to launch your program/ course/ or new offer to up-level your business

but just overwhelmed with all the moving pieces needed to make it a success?

is this you?

An entrepreneur who wants to TAKE CONTROL by NOT spreading yourself too thin.

Been waiting ‘for a better time’ to launch after some pretty exhausting launch experiences. But you're too familiar with what this excuse really means and you're ready to push that fear aside and give your business the investment it needs.

Been avoiding the launch prep work because these tasks suck your energy and take you away from doing what you love. Coaching is what you really love, spending more time honing that side of your business feels more in alignment with your bigger life vision.

Exhausted on what you can realistically do alone, you need to refine your launch strategy but have no idea what to do differently.

Determined to accelerate your launch or program by creating a SUCCESSFUL ecosystem.

A shadow of your former self, who is OVERWHELMED or UNCERTAIN about your next steps and HOW to create your funnel or launch.

Neglected taking ownership of the space you should be claiming in your community and you know launching with impact will help you stake your claim and that feels so exciting!

now for a minute, imagine this version of you...

You've learnt what goes into a successful launch without having to do ANY of the heavy lifting or hours on a course, you've used that time to connect  and serve your audience.

You're feeling activated because you haven't had to put your own growth on hold as a business entrepreneur whilst you launch, allowing you to live your life fully and spend time with your FAMILY.

You're literally pinching yourself because you have the time to take yourself for a pamper morning during your launch because your spare time isn't taken up with writing endless emails, captions and landing pages.

You're showing up for your audience and clients during your launch with so much energy and consistently because you haven’t had to worry about the 9999+ marketing tasks that a properly-executed launch requires.

You're fired-up everyday of your launch knowing you have a launch expert on your team ready to share and explore new ideas, vibe and check-in with. 

Overflowing with confidence and excitement when the doors to your offer swing open because you know that whatever happens, you’ve given your business and launch the love it needs.

what if there is a different and easy approach to launching?

What if you could take off your 15 other hats and replace it with your coach crown?


Launch Baby Launch

The one of its kind service that combines partnership and done for you strategy, planning and marketing implementation of your launch.

I lead on the content, copy, design & creation to ensure your launch has the most impact whilst protecting your energy, allowing you to up-level in your business and life.

Launch Baby Launch is a 8-week service like no other, because I don't just show you how to execute a great launch, I do the heavy lifting for you. 

Show-up during your launch for yourself feeling organised, in control and in alignment with your goals and how YOU want to feel.

Reassured that I'll be in the background implementing and executing.

Do you really want to sit-through a 12 hour launch course or

be coached on how to do it?

Or would you rather partner with a launch expert who can do it for you?
AND you can re-use and refine the launch time and time again, with or without me. Your investment goes even further than the launch we do together.

Hey, I am Leela,
your launch lifesaver


I support high-earning, online female entrepreneurs like YOU to create and launch your program with the  right strategy, tech and implementation so you can launch and scale your business with ease. 

I will create a customised package to help you launch with ease, support, and success.

I get it!

I have more than 15+ years of IT Corporate experience and I started working with coaches in September 2020 and since then have supported on over 15+ different launches, specialising in fitness, nutrition, mental health, career growth and business coaching.


I know the complexities that go into launching group coaching programmes, service offers, memberships to 1:1 signature coaching services. 


Not only do I provide complete planning & organisation of the launch marketing, I’ll ensure your message is delivered with clarity that captivates your ideal client...this so important!


Together we’ll design a launch campaign that feels good for you, creates the impact that you desire whilst prioritising your self-care throughout. 


Launching doesn’t have to mean stress and burnout.


My mission is to help you feel confident in your launch, completely at ease and in control of your business and personal life so you experience your best launch yet!

here's how it all breaks down into...


First we get our ducks in a row: onboarding, asset swapping, goal setting for launch, strategising, tech tools evaluation, ideal client deep dive, messaging activation…


all of that good stuff!


Then I get to work plotting timelines, writing all of the copy for emails, promo event, the sales page, social media prep. All I’ll need from you is your eyes on the copy. 


This is the period of time that usually takes you away from showing up on socials and getting your audience excited for what’s about to come!


While we're working on course content preparation, recording, editing, this takes us into pre-launch weeks, when we go hard promoting your hype event to get those HOT leads in your funnel ready for the launch...

Energy is ramped up here so lots of self-care needs to be prioritised!


And before you know it, we’ll be into the final two weeks which means…LAUNCH TIME!


I want you to be completely focused on calling in your ideal client at this point so I encourage you to flow through these weeks with less hustle and more flow and energy.


I'll prepare the key learnings from the launch with recommendations for the next phase of your business growth.


A perfect launch debrief allows you to take all the learnings in right way to show up in your next launch.

This is where we celebrate all of your wins, reflect and look forwards.

And you don’t need to worry about what to do and when, you’ll be prompted at every point…DELIGHT!

Juicy High Value Inclusions of the service


We'll kick off with a strategy call where we'll get really clear on who your ideal client is and create your messaging blueprint for the launch. I'll take the lead on creating the schedule with deadlines as well as the entire launch plan.


Hand your email copy over and I'll create the promo event and launch sequences. We will tailor your specific segments with targeted messaging designed to compel & convert. All the copy will be written in a way to allow the personalisation added into each! 


I love a sales page! It is the bread & butter for your launch and if done right, it'll transform your launch.


You will get Sales Page copy written for you and designed on the platforms like WIX, Mailerlite, Mailchimp or Thrivecart!



Launching Package

  • Launch strategy

  • Waitlist/Masterclass Email Sequence

  • Public Launch Email Sequence

  • Offer Sales Page Copy

  • Offer Sales Page Design on Wix/Mailerlite/Mailchimp

  • Systems Setup for supporting launches in the backend. 


The Investment

USD 2000

Creative Work
Image by Andrew Neel

Course Setup Package

  • Launch strategy

  • Waitlist/Masterclass Email Sequence

  • Public Launch Email Sequence

  • Offer Sales Page Copy

  • Offer Sales Page Design on Wix/Mailerlite/Mailchimp

  • Systems Setup for supporting launches in the backend. 

  • Course Modules & Lessons Video Editing, Worksheets Design and Creation of 5 modules with 4 lessons each

  • Course portal Setup of 5 modules with 4 lessons each

  • Payment Page Setup


The Investment

USD 5000


Leela completely changed my business! I don't know why I waited so long to find help! There is nothing she doesn't know, she is a key member in each and every good decision I made in my business! 

If you want to level up your business having best buddy on your side, I would say that should be HER!

- Emma Wiles
Health Coach

you need Launch Baby Launch in your life if...

The thought of launching by yourself fills you with dread, knowing that no matter how organised you are, you’ll end up hustling.

You want to create a more sustainable way to launch your signature service. 

You are passionate about allowing for more ease in your business and want more energy to plug back into your life.  

You're someone who needs all the ongoing TECHNICAL Support and implementation in your launch

You’re ready to up-level in your business for your existing and new clients.

this is not for you if...

Your audience hasn’t been warmed up for a period of time or you’re not confident they’re ready to buy.

You don't believe in your offer and the transformations you’re promising.

You believe in your offer but you’re not sure if your audience needs the transformations. 

You don't have or want to make the time or money to work collaboratively with someone else in your business.  

You don't want to allow more flow and freedom in your life.

You're not in a good place time or commitment wise to go through the launch process. 

If you’ve made it this far down the page,  you’re probably feeling the excitement because you know you're about to make the upgrade you desire.

But you’re feeling that familiar discomfort that comes with growth right?

Jump on a discovery call with me.  

On the call we will explore your launch plans and figure out if you need my support this time round.


what are the next steps?

Book a Discovery Call to discuss your launch, get to know each other & see if we'd resonate with each other and be a good fit to work together.

If Launch Baby Launch is ringing all of your bells and we're a good fit, we will sort out of the logistics to get you on your way to launching.

After the onboarding, it gets exciting! We'll kick-off with a call to pin down your tone of voice, launch goals and get going on the strategy & plans.

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